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I love music....listening to it, singing with it, going to see it being played live and discovering new music that i might never have heard unless someone had told me about it....

Recently i was told about a band called Ben's Brother, I had never really heard of them (except it later turned out that i actaully had as one of their songs was on a compilation CD i owned...i just never paid much attention!) Anyway ive started to enjoy their music immensly...and now they have a new single out with collaborations on it with such people as Joss Stone and Jason ,raz ( Jason Mraz is another one that i never actually fully appreciated until i delved a little deeper into his music when i heard he was on teh new Ben's Brother album!)

Anyway their new album is out today and its called BAttling Giants (already the title tells me ill love it!) and its true as i downloaded my copy this morn and im enthralled by every note and syllable on need to download it and experience it for yourself or you'll never believe me...Heres the links...hope you like it as much as me...and spread teh word...evrryone loves hearing of new artists....

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BettyLeRoux BettyLeRoux
1 Response May 11, 2009

i love new music too you should check out riverdance its not new but i love it and i heard from it through a mate