I love music but not the crap on the radio . Music that fills my soul ❤️
FlowerChildWithARockNRollSoul FlowerChildWithARockNRollSoul
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Looking at our shared experiences, maybe we should:
Sit around a campfire.
And I bring my guitar and sing for ya.

better to have ur own collection of music then u can choose what u like & what ur in the mood for. that kinda music is very good!

What kind of music?

i am with you.music can touch me somewhere deep....somewhere nothing else can.

Haha, Aye!
I love music! It's all I do
whitesnake is my favourite band

it was the Beatles who were the best for me to listen to in the 60,and still today

I get really upset when a song by my favorite band or whatever that no one knows about gets on the radio then everyone else starts to listen to it. worst. thing. ever.