I love music . I wish I could play an instrument . Like the guitar . It's even on my bucket list to learn to plan an instrument ! I love all different kinds of music from rock to rap to alternative but classic rock is my favorite .
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Try out Alto-Saxophone --- one of the easiest to get a sound out of early on without years of practice. Guitar'll give you sore fingers in those early few days

Id rather learn the guitar more worth it and a lot more fun

Guys dig ladies who can play the guitar

Good girl

Same. I've just had a too empirical mind. Music, art, creativity are anathema to me. "I have music dyslexias. I wish nots to talks about it."

Go ahead. I always wanted to learn guitar. I was depressed had nothing to do. So i bought one. learned to play and I'm really glad i did. If you want something go for it.

Good for you girl.

Yea classic rock is great (:


Not surprised and know how you feel.
Recently saw the Rolling Stones and they did put on a great show.

Bare Hugs

Take my advice. Start now. Learn early. The older you get, the harder it is to learn a musical instrument. Your brain is more adaptable when you're young. Teach your nervous system early and it will repay you a thousandfold over your life.

i like synthesizers, drums, and guitars

Get one its not hard just practice there is plenty of tutorials on you tube ... Check out hot girl shreds on you tube ... Chick is beeeeaaaad !

I'll teach you guitar ! Where do you live maybe we can work it out

Get yourself an inexpensive acoustic guitar and schedule some lessons. If you work hard enough, you can achieve your dreams. It starts with desire.

You always have time for that! I play drums, it's a lot of fun :)

Don't feel bad my mom side of the family have talent us did not. Cousins have talent we got non

hope u do it, it sounds like something u wanna try. be sure to practice alot lol.

That's nice. I play the electric guitar and it's fun. Sometimes I play for hours. You should definitely learn how to play an instrument

Practice, practice, practice is all it takes. You have to want to do it.

What's stopping you?

I never said anything was

Then get to it

if you ever get around to getting a guitar, get in touch, and I'll send you links to some great online instructions!!

I love how music can give different emotions and make you feel things


Awesome :D

I picked up ukulele fairly easily