Its a Way of Life

I absolutely love music,I dont think I can get through a day without it,I've gone from alternative to indie to metal to punk rock to classic rock and industrial ,and found an amazing band called TOOL.

It started with a song called Sober,and I started to like that kinda music,so I got their albumes,and loved it.every single song has got a great meaning behind it.

is there anyone here who likes tool as much as I do xD?               I also love classic rock,and country rock is good too,nothing wrong with it,I have to respect whatever music other people listen to even though I,personally dont like it myself.

Music is a great thing in life ,thats my opinion :)

BeyondBirthday1313 BeyondBirthday1313
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 29, 2009

I saw Tool twice live and they put on a great show!!