Spill the Wine

~Eric Burden and the Animals~

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BTW, it was Eric Burdon and War, not Eric Burdon & the Animals.

War was one of the most popular bar bands in the Oakland area. One night Eris Burdon, the founder and lead singer of the Animals saw hem play and was knocked out by them. He went backstage and talked them into going into the studio with him to record an album.
As is often the case, there were lots of wine and various drugs in and around the studio during the sessions, as well as a number of sexually adventurous young women. Everyone was stoned to the gills. One of the band members was sharing a bottle of wine with a gorgeous young lady in the control room. One thing led to another and they started having sex on top of the control panel. The young lady started to have an ******, during which she dropped the half full bottle of wine, causing it to spill into the expensive control panel, ruining it.
Listen closely to the words and the song partially tells the story of what happened that day.

That is a great song, with a different approach.
Nice to hear it again

Have you ever heard the story about how that song came to be?