Can't Imagine Life Without Music

Ever since I can remember, music has been in my life.  Probably had music playing in the womb while I was squishing around as my dad always had music playing in every room of the house at all time.

Not that I would do that (play music in every room at all times, in fact I found that quite annoying)- I need silence now too as that is music to my ears (not defined as such, just to me). And sound is music to my ears but I could not fathom a life without real music, people getting together and playing, recording, creating, listening .... it is just part of my core, my being.  I like all types of music, some less than others, but have listened to all types, and try to keep an open mind.  I truly believe that talent and musical genius transcends all, and I am fascinated in watching someone who is truly great at their craft - and I have seen so many in so many different fields.

Interesting though, as I get older, I find my need for silence at times is as great as my need for music. 

Music can fill in a mood, it can change a mood, create a mood, sustain a mood .... it can do so many things, and enhance so much - I also believe that it truly is one of those arts that can compliment other arts and works with it seamlessly.

So thank you to those that create it, and for the music that has entered my life and inspired me so much at so many moments in my life.

DeepForest DeepForest
3 Responses Dec 6, 2009

Oh, DeepForest, you described that so beautifully. Wow. And, it is I who should thank you for that beautiful image. Thank you.

I agree - there is a silence that goes with winter and snow - but only a certain type - when the snow comes down and blankets the sky (no wind no storm, just snow lots of it) - and it sucks up all of the surrounding sound - like this beautiful white pillow - but that is also a sound and a lack of sound together ... like a quiet whoosh of breathing - or la petite mort (I used to have a lover that would make the softest sound - it was a breathing in, not out) - haunting ... beautifully so .... and so a soft snowfall of fresh white powder is one of those unforgettable sounds ... and moments<br />
<br />
that would make a great dance piece .. (you gave me an interesting idea to explore - thanks!)

Deepforest, I agree. I love music. All that is important to me is marked by music. But, you're right--silence is equally important. Especially in the winter. Silence and the snow--they go together. Great post, DF!