After Second Back Surgery

My life is been always a big musical. All my experiences their been around music. Been involved with to many differents cultures in the  USA is never been easy for me but because the music i always listen they always match my life day by day when i am happy sad mad whatever is the situation always match rap classic pop latin doesnt matter what year the always come to me in the right moment i got my  back sugery done a day after the natural dissaster in Haiti. 2 weeks later they have a telethon with diferents artist and i told myself why you feel sorry for your self when millions are suffering . And all the song on that telethon touch me in a special way. And i start thinking in a positive way and i start doing what i do best work in my music and try to get better. Music is been always in my life and ill be.

Verdejo Verdejo
36-40, M
Feb 13, 2010