You Know What Is Crazy Abut Music



 when you know a lot of songs and you go through something in you life and in the back of you mind you think "I know the best song to fit this moment."


The best " my girlfriend just left me" song of all time

The Beatles Yestarday

play it and think about anything sad it doesn't even have to be that sad  and you will still cry

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

yes i do have songs in my head at all times. it's a gift and a curse but i love it.

Good observation! I wonder if people did that before MTV, or even before musicals. Can you picture, say, Pa Ingalls hauling his family West into the untenanted prairie saying, "You know, Carolyn, I just keep thinking that the song that should be playing right now is "Home, Home on the Range". It's just so ME!" ??

That's cool that you can do that. You must have songs going threw your mind all of the time.