My Music Is Back

Music has always been my refuge

The way to silently let my Soul speak

The way to feed my dreams

and the way to keep my Hope alive.


About a year ago, my love and I became separated my distance

We always used to sing together and listen to music

silently as we held each other

using songs to speak our truth

and profess our love to one another.


The separation took its' toll

Each day, each month became more painful

every song I would hear would cause the pain to grow

So I started avoiding music

until I stopped listening altogether


The pain is still there

Some days fresher and more raw than ever

but I started listening to music again

Emotion taking over and tears flowing all the more

washing through my Soul.


Music is back in my life with a newness

and more powerful than before

It's healing me as it goes

rushing through my Soul.


fightnback317 fightnback317
51-55, M
Feb 15, 2010