I Love Most Music, But Not All Music

I can sit and listen and listen to good music for hours.  My favorite to listen to is Classical Baroque.

Listening to music such as that is inspiring and helps my creativity, especially when I am writing.

I detest heavy metal and rock.  Why listen to something that  you cannot even understand what the singer is say.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

sofiapetals & Troubleshooter:<br />
I like all that you both have said, too. I guess I should have been more specific.<br />
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I just can't see how anyone could enjoy music that destroys one's eardrums and you can't understand the music or the words.<br />
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I have often said that I should get a guitar and learn four or five chords, dress like a wild man, go on stage, play as loud as I can, act like a fool and become wealthy. But, I want to keep my sanity.

Pink Floyd is rock and it`s very well composed, arranged and sung.