Soundtrack Of My Life

I am in my room surfing through channels, and I come across this channel that I normally do not watch, but I started watching it and it was the Soul Train, and it was one of the old ones, from when I was a teenager, and the special guests were The Jackson Five.

Wow, I started thinking, that the Jackson 5 is the Soundtrack To My Life.  I just started remembering the good times that I had growing up during that time.  I started watching the show with so much eagerness and excitement and I just started remembering that this is the soundtrack to my life, 

The reason that I say that it is the soundtrack to my life is because I remember certain events from my youth to certain songs that the Jackson 5.  I'll Be There (the first slow dance with a boy) Stop The Love You Save (the first concert that I ever saw, and every time I go to the Arena or whatever it is called now, I can still remember the seats that I sat in), so many songs so many memories.

But, my Soundtrack did not die on June 25, 2009 the day that Michael Jackson died, it actually grew, with renewed urgency, I decided to add the soundtrack of my life to my MP3 player, so while I am sitting at my desk, working my grown up job, I can transport myself back to those special memories, some good and some bad, and also friends lost and found during that time. 

Not only do I have the Jackson 5, Sylvers, Sister Sledge, Graham Central Station, and even some more current performers like Madonna, Ne-Yo and even some Alicia Keys.  But, I can say that all types of music is the Soundtrack of My Life.

fruitopia fruitopia
46-50, F
Feb 22, 2010