It's A Survival Mechanism

I definitely love music.  But, then again, who doesn't? I can't imagine someone NOT liking music, there's a genre for everyone.  I love everything, hard rock, country, rap, techno, top 40, classical, and foreign music.

I've used music as a way to survive since I was young.  Yeah, I know, every teenager says this, too, but... I actually mean it.

Parents fighting?  Turn up the music.

Feeling heartbroken? Turn up the music.

Can't get going in the morning? Turn up the music.

School bus ride? Turn up the music.

I hadn't sat down and listened to any music in a few months until a couple weeks ago.  It was like all of the anxiety and negativity that I had just melted away.  It was beautiful.

Once again, I always have a headphone in my ear.

It's like the air to me.

Truli Truli
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

yeahh, totally agree! :D:D