Music Can Help You Push Through

i remember allot of details growing up i rember happy times and i remember hard times but i guess the things i remember the most are the times sitting in my dads office room listening to all types of music with him .i guess what really got me is when he would look at me and ask me what a song meant that helped me more then i could ever relies it would ,the first time music helped me was moving away from all my friends as a child i stuck to one song drift away by dobie gray that was the only song that really let my mind be somewhere else it made the transition easy er on me then on my brothers who just though about it all the time and didn't have anything taking there mind off things,

i guess though that was just elementry and when i found new friends and had things to do i st oped listening to music so much

but music did eventally come back to help me again in middle school when things where getting hard and i was stressed so much of the time i remember music was always there i always was listening to it to stay calm

now I'm all grown up amazing remembering this now i hope i never forget how music has made and impact on my life

qsnugs qsnugs
18-21, F
Mar 14, 2010