Muscial Theatre Changed My Life

A few years ago I was really depressed, self-harming and contemplating suicide. Once after a really hard day I decided to do what I did as a kid when upset or ill, watch a Disney movie. I fell in love again and remembered (for however brief a time) how to be happy. I started watching more and more Disney until I finally watched Mulan for the first time, I particularly enjoyed her singing voice, Lea Salonga, and searched YouTube for videos of her.
Up until then other then the 1999 remake of Annie and Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, I hated musicals (especially Oliver and Sister Act, still do), but it wasn't long until I discovered Les Misérables 25th anniversary and decided to grit my teeth and watch it, for Lea. It was the greatest thing I had ever seen, I fell in love instantly with the story and the music (and, I'm not gonna lie, Ramin Karimloo).
I watched it constantly for months, learning all the songs, had a few of the cast albums to listen to. My best friend loves musicals too, so for her I got hold of a copy of Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary, Phantom is one of her favourites and I just watched it for Ramin. At first I hated it... however some of the songs were stuck in my head so I started to play it in the background while I was on the computer. After about a week of this I decided to re-watch it and that's where I fell in love with it, there were days where I watched it 4/5 times a day. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the anniversary tour in my home-town with Katie Hall (who I loved from Les Mis).
After watching Les Mis I decided to get back into singing (I stopped when I was 14 because I didn't like my teacher, after watching Phantom all I wanted to do was play Christine. At this time I was failing my A-Levels (Science, Maths and Media [after already getting a upgradable in Geography]), so I decided to do something completely different to them Performing Arts, one day I will play Christine (and Fantine and Eponine and Elphaba and G(a)linda and Reno Sweeney and Florence Vassey etc.)
Since then I have been so much happier, I do ocasionally self-harm but not to the extent as before and only if I am extemely stressed
I am, and will be, forever thankful for Musical Theatre, especially Lea Salonga and Sierra Boggess.
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The other day I almost signed up for auditions for Phantom of the Opera chorus, but then I realised I'm not equity (and have no money to be) and it was for Broadway