This Is My Escape

Some days I feel like Erik, hidden peacefully behind the mask with music as my only refuge, misunderstood in a harsh world. Then others I may feel like Elphaba, a freak unable to fit in. I could be like Eponine, feeling alone, unloved, or Cinderella, searching for something, someone impossible.
Musical theatre is my life. I've done four musicals in about two years, and I love every minute if performing. I'm an alto, low voiced girl, and a passion for the arts. I listen, breathe, and crave music. I yearn for the stage, and any role. I don't care if I'm center stage or dressed up like a tree. As long as I see the crowd, the rush of applause, the music singing in my veins, then I'm happy.
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18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013