#1 Condiment In The World

First of all, one of my nicknames is "mustard", because I love it soo much.  I put it on everything, and people started calling me "mustard" to tease me.  I think ketchup is just alright, and I absolutely HATE mayonnaise!  I'll basically try anything with mustard, within reason.  And people who eat french fries with ketchup (which is the norm), don't know what they're missing... mustard is way better!!!  I'm a sucker for regular yellow mustard.  I also like honey mustard, and spicy mustard.  However, I do NOT like dijon mustard.  Just my opinion.  Mmmm... mustard :)

sdnova sdnova
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Eww!! I HATE mustard. Well, to each his own. See.. Now i looove mayonaise!