Brilliant Idea....or Not...

So, I had this brilliant idea to take the dogs along when I drove the boys to school this morning. We are using my uncles big huge custom van so I thought sure why not? Well as much as my dogs LOVE to go for rides, they are not good riders at all. Maddie cries and shakes the whole time. She leans against the driver while we are moving and will only look up when the car has stopped at a red light or something. Lily just runs from one window to the next barking at people and cars. I think she thinks she can catch the cars that go past us. Well I was thinking that with the van there were big windows and lots of room so they could find a good spot to see out. It must have been too early in the morning for my brain to work properly because that was a stupid thing to think.

I told the dogs they were going for a ride this morning and they got so excited. Crying and jumping around and almost knocking me over in their excitement to get in the van. The boys got in and it was a fight between kids and dogs over who sat where. Maddie at one point even sat in the driver's seat and I had to make her move. As usual she starts to whine and cry and lean against my leg when we start driving down the street, but this time she is panting and drooling on my leg. Lily's head is going in all directions as she tries to take in EVERYTHING we pass. Her eyes are wide open and her tongue is hanging out. She looked like she was on some kind of amphetamine or something, with crazy wild eyes!

As soon as we pass the first car, she goes nuts. When we get on the freeway she lays down on the back seat, looking out the window and growling at all the cars driving by. She sounds frustrated that she can't catch one. At the off ramp, we pull up next to a car and she startles the woman in the car next to us by barking and growling at her. I swear my dogs are mentally challenged. When we stop, Maddie runs to the back and tries to sit on the seat, but as soon as we start to move she is up against me again, a couple times she even tried to climb on my lap. If she was a small dog, I think it would have been ok, but she and Lily are medium sized dogs and it would be a bad idea to try and drive with one of them on my lap...

Thankfully we made it home and now they are both sound asleep. That drive wore them out. I told my boys that the next time I get the crazy idea to take the dogs with us on the drive to school, to slap me and tell me to snap out of it! Short trips around the block are good enough, no more long drives and especially not in a big van!
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May 7, 2012