i have more than two dogs  but theres two in particular that i want to talk about. there the outside dogs and yea they might smell alittle and have no manners but there my favorite .....missy is a 4 year old terrier mix , shes kinda a mut. she hates being inside she love to hunt rabbits and squrils, and i didnt teach her that shes just a natural. ice is my 2 year old pit bull and hes such a big baby, he love his stuffed catipilllar that we keep in the house, he sleeps rite next to me too. its so sweet.

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

lol my big dog rips to pieces every stuffed animal he had. We brought him a woodstock stuffy and he killed the bird the same day. Surprizing is my smaller dog is just as bad as the big one I think they have a male thing going on its like egos rulew they are both males they starve attetion and they are extremely jealous if I take time with them. I haven't got a mut mines are all name brand dogs. LOl we use to say muts were JD's just a dogs!