My Airman Always!

    The day we met. I was very interested in going paint balling and a few of my friends invited me along one day, so i went. I was so scared to get shot and there were over 40 people out there. All i wanted to do was to keep my nose out of trouble and  not get shot! Anyway we were playing this game called emperor, one team picks one guy as emperor and have to protect him/ or her and the other team tries to shoot him. They have to move him from one place to another without getting hit. Well at that time no one ever thought i could hit anything but all those years of target practice payed off! I saw the emperor and opened fire, he was out if range for my poor second hand gun, i wanted to win so bad i could taste it. So i just kept him pinned down the best i could hoping that someone with a better gun would come along. God was there! suddenly the wind shifted and i shot him right on the top of his head Turns out he was the man of my dreams, the light of my life and i never want to be without him again! When people ask how we met he loves telling everyone I shot him in the head, the jewelry store clerk laughed at us and said she never heard that one before! As we were saying our goodbyes be for he left for bmt he says, thanks hun for shooting me! It made me bust up in tears, it seems like a lifetime ago already. i love him and miss him so much!!!

ps, I told him i better be the only one who ever gets to do that and made him promise to keep his head down!

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1 Response Aug 27, 2011

That's so cute!!! :)