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so me & my boyfriend have been together nearly 4 years now. he graduated basic august 30th from lackland airforce base & is now 2 weeks into tech school. its so much easier now we are able to talk daily, still hard we dont get to see each other. i hope to save enough money to take another trip to texas so we can spend a weekend together. i would just really enjoy talking to other women going through this, no one really understands what ive been going through.. ever since he left for basic (over 2 months ago) ive been struggling with bad anxiety/depression. any advice to get through this time is appreciated. im happy to answer any questions to gfs/wives preparing for this! <3
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Hi My boyfriend is now in his 4th week of basic, and i can't wait to go to his graduation. can you tell me your experience on going to the graduation if you went? how did you get your pass to get in. i think its a four day thing and am planning to go on sat, this is the day (i am told) that i can spend the majority of the day with him. overall how was your experience with this???