He's Going Back

I dated my ex boyfriend for about a year and two months. We are best friends and spend all of our time together. Our relationship started off bumpy because he hadn't had a girlfriend before and didn't really want to admit to everyone that he had a soft spot after all. Four months into our relationship I told him that I loved him and he got scared and broke it off and just wanted to be friends and two weeks after this we continued with our weird friendship. A couple of months after this he finally decided that he wanted to be with me. He has always wanted to be a classic hornet pilot in the Australian Air Force. He got in when he was only 18 years old but dropped out because he thought that he was too immature. He is now 23 years of age and has been told by recruiting that he has a good chance of getting back in. He does security work at night and childcare in the day to pay for flying lessons in a jet and is also completing a course in frontline management to prove to the airforce that he is committed to getting back in. He recently broke up with me as he feels that it is too stressful for him to work at the childcare centre in the day and do all the security jobs at night as well as go out with me at the same time. Before the breakup he always talked to me about how he would talk on the phone every night and write all the time if he ever for back in and now its all changed. He says's its not going to be fair if i have 50% of a boyfriend as apposed to having 100% of a boyfriend. He says wants to stay friends and that he still loves me but I'm not too sure what to do. Can anyone help me in this situation? Is there anything that I can say to him to change his mind?
td031011 td031011
Dec 5, 2012