How Me and My Airman Met

I have a friend and she has been my bestfriend since we were both 2 yrs old. I went to her b-day party and he was 4 at the time i was going on three( I HAVE A GREAT MEMORY I CAN REMEMBER THINGS SINCE I WAS TWO..MOST PEOPLE CANT...HMMMM.....ANYWAY). You kno how the story goes the little girl crushes hard and the lil boy is like ewwwww you have cooties you're a girl!!!!blah blah blah. So we got a little older and we was always together me my bestie and him and you kno puppy love and how kids claim they're bf and gf. So we were on and off i mean we were kids and didn't go to the same school and we always met up in the summer and the same summer camp and then we would be gf and bf again( And by the way he never really payed me much attention it was something to do to him and he really wasn't tripping off of me and i adored him) So we're older like middle school and don't talk at all not even in the summer because we were to old for summer camp so we fell off and i didn't trip off him anymore. So I was wit my bestie and he was over there too ( Im in high school now and he's a senior im a sophmore) and my mother is there too and he is juz starting at me and we're laughing but we have grown up now so im not looking at him in a boyfriend way juz a long time friend. But the tables has turn and he is adoring me and my mother kept talking about how he was looking at me like he couldn't believe i grew up. And she thought it was funny how the same girl he wasn't worried about is now the girl he cant stay away from. So he found my number and we talk and began dating shortly after and have been together ever since. And we love each other so much so i'm supporting him through this time even tho he is not here. And I'm so happy that i found you guys who understand how i feel and wat im going through. So im 17 and new at this so if you can give me any kind of advice i would greatly appreciate that

AirmanDarbysGirl AirmanDarbysGirl
Mar 16, 2009