HE Called Right On Time

Last night i was thinking to myself that it would be nice if my airman would call but i kno he is going to wait until the weelend. So i sat down put my phone on the charger and least than five minutes my phone rang and IT WAS HIM. He sound so happy i picked up so fast and I told him i was juz thinking about him. And that was that we talked a while and he let me kno he has a week and almost got recycled but he didn't. I love him so much.....AND HE SAID I HAD ANOTHER LETTER COMING......

AirmanDarbysGirl AirmanDarbysGirl
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

hey girl! i know EXACTLY what you're going through right now. you should join a group on facebook that i just made! it's especially for us usaf girlfriends :) <br />
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That's wonderful! I'm so glad you got a call from him :D I would have to say that is the best feeling in the world. It definately puts you on could 9 :) ATM im waiting for a call from mine, so hopefully it comes soon ;)