Me And My Usaf Boyfriend.

My name is Samantha but I get called Sam for short. I am in a relationship with a USAF man named Bobby. Me and Bobby have known each and been friends ever since we were little kids. Awhile back we found each other on Facebook and started talking everyday and night and then started hanging out everyday and night. We then eventually decided to become a couple bc we love each other and dont want to be with anyone else. He then told me his plans for the USAF and am so proud of him for it, But at the same time its not an easy thing to go through. I went from seeing and talking to him everyday and night to no contact right now. He left last Tuesday so this is all new and fresh to me and it hasnt exactly been easy. Everyday and night I miss him more and more. We both said before he left that this will indeed be hard but it will make us stronger as people and a couple. And he always told me that he loves me and that we will get through this. He said I love you Baby and I will be back home to you as soon as I can and I will never forget you. This whole experience is not exactly easy but I love him and he loves me and like he always told me we will get through this. Not hearing from him makes me feel as though he forgot about me but I know thats not so it just how it feels. I cant wait for the day that my phone rings and its him on the other end. I miss him so much and cant wait to hear his voice. From what he told me before he left I wont see him till July or August and I was like OMG!! Thats a really long time. The day that he comes home to me I will see him and jump into his arms and will not let go. I know that we havent been dating all that long but weve known each other for yrs fro childhood. And we can already see us getting married and settled together. We both want children but that will happen when the time is right. Ive already been looking at rings and dresses so he can see when he gets back. I bought a journal that I made out to him and I write to him in it everyday so that when he comes home he can read it. Before he left I bought him a chain with a silver and black cross and a dog tag attatched that was engraved with miles apart but close in heart. I felt that was perfect for us. He loved it. He bought me a bracelet and I love it. When he comes home we are planning a trip to Vegas for a week and Im so excited for that as well. I joined this site in hopes to find women who are going through the same thing as me and that can relate bc I dont really have anyone to talk to in who understands and it would be nice to have.

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I a actually a member of that group. I am new to this whole site so bear with me. I actually just talked to Bobby for the first time in a week. On better terms I had hoped. Right now he is in the hospital bc he had passed out at traing today and then they rushed him to the emergency. Hes awake and alert and is doing well but Idk if they will send him home or keep him. I will know ore details tomorrow. I was an emotional mess on the phone with him balling my eyes out and he was even crying. I am not at more ease talking to him. But what kills me is that I cant be there for me. He did tell me one thing on the phone that melted my heart. Her plans on marrying me bc he knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. OMG. Im so happy and exicted bc I feel the same. So when he gets back he wants to take me to go look at rings so he has an idea of what I like. I love him so much. I have to go call him right now. So please just keep him in your prayers. I will keep you updated and thanks girls for all of this support it means the world to me.

hello. my name is heather. & although my boyfriend hasnt left for boot camp yet.. i know that he soon will. So if you ever need anyone to talk to... i know its hard especially when people dont understand what your going through.. <br />
ps. i dont know if you are yet or not, but i am a member of a group called i am a united states air force girlfriend & it is alot more active than this group as far as i can tell. so if you want more feedback, it might help.. just a suggestion =]

Omg. Finally. Lol. Someone who knows where Im coming from and cares to talk to me. Thanks so much for responding. I wouldnt let him know how worried I am bc like you said they have enough to worry about. I havent gotten a call yet and have no clue when I will, He told me he does basic then tech school. then I see him in July or August. Im not really sure how true that is or if it is the truth. Im new to all of this. I have tons of questions. I dont wanna bug you though. When do they eventually come home?? And when will I hear from him?? And when can we write?? Im so glad I have someone to talk to now. This will help me get through this.

Hey girl my names Alyssa and I have a bf who is in the airforce and is in tech school now and I know exactly how you feel and what your going through! But don't worry about him forgetting you or what not because trust me your probabaly the number one thing on his mind and your whas helping him get through these tough times.the first phone call is probabaly going to make you cry atleast it did for me just hearing there voice is the best thing!! But they need all the support from you so don't like tell him your worried about you guys or anything cuz he's under slot of stress as it is. But please feel free to ask me anything or you just wanna tlk bc I know how hard it is being with out the one you love!