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My Corselettes

Being more than a little on the 'heavy' side, I prefer the control an all-in-one / corselette gives me, especially the panty corselettes, and the ones with firm control just feel awesome, especially if purchased one size too small! I love mine, especially when I add to my own chest cleavage with padding or breast forms. One of my panty corselettes also has suspenders and I especially love it, feeling the tug of my stockings. It makes it seem like my legs spring-loaded!
babyrosie68 babyrosie68 41-45, M 8 Responses Aug 14, 2011

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i like corselette open with stockings got one on now 2 sizes to small love it

Can only agree with the joy of the corselette, prefer open bottom myself, and the 'tug' is heavenly.

I finally bought a full girdle with garders and it feels so firm and heavenly. its not an open bottom although, and wish it was

i've never been in one but would like to be with garters on it. to hold up my stockings

yes and under a full wedding dress with a crinoline and petticoats a corset feels so sexy

i belived you all you must feel so so feminine my dear Rosie,,

Yup, totally agree.<br />
Panty corselettes have a uniqe feeling of all over restriction thats hard to beat. It is true that they do tend to be shorter in the torso for our needs and the extender idea is a good one, but personally i enjoy the way its pulls everything tighter when you pull the straps up.<br />
I also like combining them with a high waist panty girdle and long line bra over the top.<br />
Cheers<br />

How about telling us what make and model # you like best.How about sizing information. If you wear a 40B bra do you order 40B?

If you wear a 40b bra go for a 40b corselette don't forget these garments are made for woman who are generally shorter than us cdr's so if you go for a pantie version and need extra length in the torso do as i do and use a bra extender with the corresponding amount of hooks and eyes fastened to the crotch this will give you extra length if needed should be ok with the ob type as your stockings will help to adjust everything get one and try it you won't be dissapointed go for a firm control you will feel comfortable sexy held nice and firmly and it will give you a nice figure under tight fitting clothes go for it and enjoy there are plenty of brands to choose from

Babyrosie, what you describe is only too understandable. I often wear a corselette as well as a firm girdle with a longline bra.