My All In One Perfect Fit And A Joy To Wear

I just love wearing ladies girdles so i went up to my sisters room when she was out and raided her underwear drawer found a beautiful girdle and put it on me i was delighted with it i then went further and put on one of her bras i was really enjoying myself so much that i never heard her come up stairs and was caught what did she do only run downstairs and tell my mother. Well mother said that if i was enjoying myself in them i should try on one of her Corselets which is a bra and girdle all ion one so i said why not and got one from her and she said now you will find out how uncomfortable they are .Well as i put it on i was lucky it was such a good fit i really enjoyed it and asked her if i could keep it and wear it all the time i could see the surprise on her face i said i hope that you do not mind after all it was you who gave it to me.She only said that she taught i would plead to let me take it off as it was so uncomfortable but when i found it comfortable she was surprised as many women have to wear it for ages to get used to it. But if that is what i wanted to do then ok but we will have to have a serious talk about wearing it plus other garments. well over the weekend i was grilled as to why i wanted to wear them and what else i was trying on so i told her everything that i could get my hands on. So i begged her for more so then i was given some more old clothes to wear for now and as time went by i was given presents from my mum and sister until i had a full set and i enjoyed wearing them all the time.But my favourite was the corselette open bottom one and i wear one all the time even now 25 years later.
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Fabulous story.

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beautiful story. was your dad understanding as well. I know what you mean about loving the feel of the girdle. thanks for sharing

No he was not he really blew his top had to keep my distance for weeks but in the end he slowly came around