Been Playing With A Couple Aneros Models For Several Years Now...

I still haven't had what some refer to as "the big O", but I am having fun. I have several models and each one feels a little different. my favorite one broke about a month ago (the tab broke) and I am trying to fix it. When I first started using the aneros I think I was trying too hard. lately I have been more regular with my use and I am finding that relaxing and subtlety are helping.

For a while I was having "pee-gasms" my **** would start jumping like a soft ***********, but instead of *** little spurts of **** would come out, warm and wet. Sometimes the pee would have a silky feel, like it was mixed with pre-***. This was excellent, but then I like to wet myself.

Since then I have been focusing on more subtle feelings. For me "successive relaxation" and playing around with tension, and pelvis position are widening my range of experience. I really encourage experimentation and mixing it up. Small changes can make a big difference and less seems to be more.

Also, I do little enemas to clean out my rectum before using the tool. Sometimes I don't and things might get a little messy. So I also usually use a disposable diaper when anerosing. this limits the mess and also helps with keeping the tool in.

All in all I am quite pleased with my progress and look forward to more sessions with these fun toys.
LittleTimmyP LittleTimmyP
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

i have an aneros use it few times nothng just felt good use it last night about half hour an nice *** im lock in chastity so no erectioneithere but felt nice the *** dirppings form my cb

I have the Progasm. I've not had a 'hands off' ******, but I typically have intense ones (not sure what constitutes a 'big O'). The thing I like with the Progasm is that my ******* are more intense than they usually are, and I shoot a little further as well. It's my fav toy!