My Other Family

Some creatures on earth just bring joy to your life and they make life so much more interesting. I've always loved animals and over the years the number at home grown a bit... to an extend I had to look for new homes for some of them. It just got too much for us.

My favorite animal is a cat. I always had a cat in my life - specifically a ginger tomcat. Over the years I've taken straycats in, they stayed a while and decided that when we moved they like the old place better... the others, they were with me until the end. My last ginger tomcat died recently and I'm still very sad about him. Tigger was about 4 years old and some lowlife poisoned him. The vet couldn't saved him. Tigger was my independent, yet very demanding little friend. When he wanted food or attention, he wanted it now. He wasn't too much of a play cat, he preffered his space and sleep... he would come and lie next to you. I miss his presence in the house. He kept me company during the days and it still don't feel right for me to get another cat yet. It is still to fresh in my mind. Rest in peace my furry friend.

Then there is my two basset hounds. These are the only two dogs I think I can relate to. They are just as direction challenged as I am. Oh, and they enjoy their food. The female is a paranoid and the male so very, very relaxed introvert dog. But can he smile! He just cheers you up the moment he sees you! Believe me, that dog can smile - even with those sad looking, priest looking face.

Moving on to my hen: she has a personality disorder. She thinks she is a rooster - she crows. When I heard it the first time I thought my neighbor got a rooster - that's how hard she crows. Nope, it was her. The chicken coop has a small door where we let pigeons and other small birds in as well - in order for her to have some company. There is a birdfeeder in there. We had at one stage 8 chicks in there, 2 hens and 6 roosters. When they grew up, the other hen escaped one day (door open) and the 6 roosters were not kind to our hen - they ravaged her and the crowing got to much for us (00:00 at night all night, all 6 of them... no more please!!) So our neighbor who has a farm and who promised he won't slaughter them, took them to his farm to live there.

My tropical fish: I had many but it is now down to my big mouth, always hungry Oscar, my attention-seeker large Parrot fish and his adopted twiddle-dee and twiddle-dum smaller parrot fish who don't do anything without the other. Strange how one can grew attach to fish. But they bring some tranquility and peace to a home. I'm especially fond of my Oscar - even though in the beginning he ate some of my smaller ciclids. I had some beautiful tropical fish until powercuts struck and it became a thing of only the strongest will survive. I'm prepared now for those things... however it was too late for my other fish.

Some of my wanted-unwanted pets: our snakes. They are corn snakes and my son sneaked the first one in. He knew my husband would say no. He bought it without asking anyone of us. I like snakes but being a parent I had to act as a parent... the only problem was I wanted a snake myself for so many years and here is my chance! What did I do? I went and by a cage and accessories without my husband's permission. We just had to persuade him... Two weeks later we got another one. To this day he still don't touch the snakes. Who said you can't have snakes in the house when your husband says there will never be (live) snakes in his house! Have to mention though: these two snakes are escape artists. I had to search for them a few times in the house. Hello Houdinis!

The result of snakes in the house, are mice... we have a mom and a dad... to have baby mice... for snake food. The mom and dad are my daughter's pets and their children are snake food. The circle of life. I feel sorry for the pinkies and fuzzies... but the snakes have to eat. It is interesting to watch snakes eat, but even more interesting to see them drink water: they drink like dogs.

Talking about dogs: almost forgot about the foxterrier: that is one alert little one. She is getting old now, but she is alert and very sneaky with a shoe fetish.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: even in the animal kingdom we all have our quirks and personalities which makes all of us unique and special. A pet just add to life's joys.

Alera Alera
36-40, F
Jul 16, 2010