My Mystress

Mystress is my cat. One of them anyways.
I remember the first day I saw her. A frightened, cold, mother of three precious kittens.
I was working in a pet store at the time. We often took in stray kittens, among other homeless animals, and would care for them until they were either sold or adopted to a good home. I was working as cashier this particular shift, when a woman and two young boys near sprinted to my counter and placed a medium sized animal carrier in front of me. I could hear the heavy breathing coming from inside, when I peaked inside to see them, the woman began to explain to me how this cat had come to nest under her front porch. She had been feeding her and witnessed the birth of the kittens, who were all just 8 weeks old now.
But winter would be coming soon and she feared for them being outside. As her oldest son was severely allergic to cats, so keeping them indoors herself simply was not an option. I was sure we would find them homes, but had to follow proper procedure for accepting an animal into the store, and so called for the manager(and owner of the store) for approval beforehand.
As he looked them over one by one, and I cannot remember his exact phrasing but it was along the lines of, "I can take the kittens, but not the cat." I just looked puzzled, at such a statement. especially after we had just in that year found homes for about a half dozen older cats...Why was this one any different?
I found myself a bit angered by this. As I began to set the kennel for the new kittens. Listening to the all four of them cry. Obviously scared and confused. I stopped what I was doing and went back to my counter. Interrupting the manager, who was giving directions to the nearest shelter for the woman to bring the cat to. The woman looked so sad, just hearing it. Everyone knows there are just so many animals in the shelters. She would barely stand a chance at standing out in the bunch. So few are the lucky ones...
I stepped in and said to the woman, "No, She'll come home with me." After she was washed over with relief and thanked me, probably a half million times, she left. And I convinced the manager to let my cat stay with her kittens just one more day so that I could purchase the necessary supplies and inform my roommate that Mystress would be joining us at home.
She did...Watching her lay with her kittens. Three baby girls. I felt a bit of guilt in separating them that night. However, to bring home 4 cats...Well, I just don't think Shadow OR Abbey would have liked this much at all.
Shadow, my roommates 3 year old Pit Bull, and Abbey, his cat. Were both less than pleased with my new addition. Mystress was made to stay in a large dog crate where she would be out of harms way while I was at work, And allowed to explore and make an attempt at socializing when I was home to supervise. Shadow and Abbey both came to realize that she wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon, and the squabbles stopped quick enough.
It wasn't long at all til she found her favorite place to nap. With me in my bed, of course. It was a clear safe haven for her. She knew if I was near, nothing would happen to her.
I remember Ben (my ex and then roommate) making comments such as, "If you keep it up, she'll never leave you." as if that were a bad thing... And I'd just smile. And she hasn't since.
All three of her kittens were perfectly healthy and all sold to good homes within a week of receiving their first round of shots and flea baths.
This was about 2 and a half years ago.

(Pictures are in my profie album. I'm not sure how I can attach a photo here. But she is a beautiful, orange and black with just a tiny bit of white. I believe what's known as a Torti.)
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I rescued a cat to. Pepper! I renamed her Pepsi because that sounds cooler. That's great you rescued a cat. Pepsi had been in the Seattle Animal Shelter for 9 months. She was 8 years old and nobody wanted her. She didint stand a chance gettting adopted. So i did!