My Animals Are The Best Part Of Life

I love my critters,  I have 3 dogs, a yellow lab, a black lab, and a chow mix, and 2 cats,  they cost me a small fortune in food and vet bills, but I love them and wouldn't change a thing about any of them, they all have different personalities.  One of my dogs has seizures and requires alot of medication, One of my cats got out the other day and came home all tore up, had to get stitches in his leg, but he is doing well now. I live in the mountains and we have porcupines,  one came in the yard and my dog attacked him, he had quills all in the roof of his mouth, had to take him in to have them removed, they are worse than kids lol but I love em and would spend every dime I have caring for them they are my family.
AprilMontgomery AprilMontgomery
2 Responses Dec 21, 2011

I love my animals and I agree about the small fortune in food and vet bills.

I love my pets too..I love animals more than i love myself..U are such a nice person to love your pets..Good luck to you..