i love me animals because they bring me comfort and happyness inculding the ones that most people wouldend cuddel up to such as my snackes pede and lexus i find that after a day of skool were i get totaly left out of my groop convos i pritty much run home to my cat and give her the biggerst hug ever mainly because her fear,pear and smell make me uplifted then after i have a talk to my cat i come in to this room were me cop is then pat my snakes on the head and talk to them thought there skin i know sounds crazy but i do there deff u know no ears n all then i go back to the comfort of my cat and talk to her for like an hour or so depends if im on the phone or not but yeah i always have time for my pets oh a few more the tree frogs i feel raely bad because i dont show them much atenchen at all so yeah i should go do that after this now that i think about it.

Rebirth Rebirth
18-21, M
Aug 16, 2007