I have two dogs, a big one and a little one. The little one was given to me after I lost my first baby, and boy did we need each other. He was a rescue and had been in three homes and dealt with some abuse. I could play with him, but he would scatter away when I reached out to pet him. Every chance he got, for about the first year, he was out the front door in search of escape but at the same time, he was attached to me. I couldn't leave his side without him making a huge fuss. I couldn't leave the house without him literally tearing through a door and annoying the neighbors with constant barking. I could have thrown up my hands and given up on him as others probably did, but he was already in my heart. It took patience, love, training, more patience, separation therapy and after three years, he resembled a pretty normal dog. And to my relief, he no longer had the urge to bolt out the door. He is forever damaged from the rough start in his life. To this day, he still ducks his head a bit when anyone reaches out to pet his head, but with love and stability he has calmed to a much more manageable level of adorable quirkiness. There are no more destroyed doors or annoyed neighbors and I can now load my groceries into the house while he waits for me patiently on the front steps.

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Well, I may not be all that wonderful, but I think this can be put in the 'did right' column :P Love has such power, that's all :)


but what a wonderful person you are.

Thank God there are people wanting to give animals a loving home

Any animal abuse makes me feel so angry and sick

Thank you for your comment kingjade. Yes, he was mistreated, but there are dogs that are sadly, much much worse than my little guy. A dog can become vicious with enough mistreatment and at that point, its beyond the help of someone like me.

you realy have you way with dogs. i find it deficult to tame an abused dog and had to let go, but you held on through thunder and storms. i just wish you three a happy neverending lives

Please don't give up on them! Its worth all the work in the end :)

I love this story. It inspires me to not give up on my two dogs that I am struggling with now.

Poor thing.

Thank you for taking care of him.

He need you and you need him.

But thank you for take care of him.


I LOVE animals, and I love people who love them and help them, my respect to you.

lol! ooddy woody fuzzy wubzies! ; )

Im so glad ur dog found a friend in you. I cant stand the thought a dog shying away from a pat because of some low life hurt them.

Thank you EPArsineh. He helped me too :)

I'm happy you two found one another. Animals have so much love to give. I'm happy he found such a patient mom.

They are such poky squishy gwumpy uggy diddle cutesies! :D Should we start an eye rolling baby talk fest? Yes. Yes we should.

Yeah they DO share that whole compulsive self soothing by scratching thing, ha! And they are soooo cute...cute little smoopsie woopies fuzzy!

They are similar, they even share the same sensitive skin and compulsive anxiety itching! And of course they are both super cute and adorable too. Awww snuggly warm fuzzies :P

Our dogs are so similar. But I think that these dogs amazing ability to forgive and adapt accounts for their wonderful adjustments into our homes. Their big hearts. It's why I can't stand movies where the dog gets hurt or dies and love a really bad movie where the dog gets saved. I'm glad my dog doesn't view the world as a human does or she'd be pretty jaded. She's more hope in her than I have at times.

Thank you Scoobs :) Absolutely they do, destry. Dogs may not view the world the same way humans do, but they definitely share many of our emotions.

:-) You really did a wonderful job with your dog. I know how trying that can be. Well Done!