Love Of My Life

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost five years. He recently just left for the army (boot camp) and I am so proud of him. We have been through so much and this will be the first time that we have been apart. We have decided to think about marriage as he is gone for the 4-5 months of boot camp. We both agree that we love each other but want to make sure that we can do this distance and come back loving each other more then ever. He left yesterday and landed in Fort Benning, Georgia and ever since he left I have felt nauseous, cant eat, have no motivation and been down. I am hoping this passes soon because I have things to do. I have a love for him that I never thought I would have and now he is gone and I wont be seeing him for awhile but I PROMISED him that I would be strong for myself, for us, for HIM. He is a great guy and is on the right path for his career (Police Officer.) I pray that he stays safe and can make it through this.

Love him always <3
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how long have you 2 been together?

my boyfriend is in fort benning too, he got there on the 7th of january and he is on the path to becomming a police officer as well! It is really hard to stay strong a lot of the time, but you have to focus on the moment when you can be together again, because that is something positive to keep in mind and look forward too