Day 2, Realizing Who Your Friends Are

Day 2 of being apart from my Army Boyfriend has been rough. I have done a lot today to keep my mind off him. Well one of my "friends" decided to invite me for a drink! GREAT! yea sure! 1 hour later after being at the bar she decided to tell me she is leaving to go see her "boy toy" = "sex friend." She knows that I have been down about missing my baby but that didn't seem to bother her. You know how I know this? well i texted her telling her I cried all the way home, she asked me "why" I simply said "I miss my boyfriend, someone to come home to, I hate that my best friend leaves me at the bar by myself every time," her response was "I'm sorry my love." WTF????? how bout something like, you know what that was really ****** of me, I know what your going thru, I'm gonna tell him that my best friend needs me and see him another night!!!!!!! So upset about all this. 2nd friend to do this to me. HURTS BAD :'(
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my sister has been doing this to me with her "ex" boyfriend lately. i just need a shoulder!! :(

One thing I have learnt Is that we can't rely on anyone but ourselves...we make the choices and we are the ones living the's hard but no one else really understands or can possibly comprehend as we ourselves do...

I understand how you feel on the friend situation.
My friends don't really like my boyfriend for no real reason. Bash him any chance they get. It's hard to even be around them but I would really love some one to help keep my mind off him being gone and stop making me feel worse :/

I understand. Right now i'm having an issue with my mom because i don't think she wants me to marry him cause we have had problems before but got through them and my mom doesn't believe that any of it should have even happened. She cant get passed it so I snapped on her saying that its not your decision you either support me or I will have nothing to do with you. It sucks because we ALWAYS get in arguments about it. So today I finally told her that I cant wait to get married to him because he makes me so happy! she was like k, i don't even wanna talk about it, and I said that's fine cause he makes me happier than anyone EVER has! :D

Maybe a few later on down the road she will change her opinion?
I dunno what happened, but maybe she is just worried it'll happen again. It is her job to look out for you. Although she seems to be a little extreme on that part...
Everyone's relationship has some sort of problem at some point, it just seems undeniable. But you've worked through it. So, yep, just be happy :) Hope things with your mom turn around in time for your wedding so she can be there and be happy for you.

me too. I just hope we get married. We decided to wait and see if this distance will work. I just don't want him to come back and be like well im not ready for marriage, i dont want to rush it. But before he left he said if everything goes as planned he wants to take the next step. SO CONFUSING, i want to wedding dress shop and ring shop lol (been together almost 5 years)

Wow. Yeah, I could definitely see y'all making it through this then!
If anything, I could see him maybe saying something about waiting to get married depending on where he is going to be stationed. That seems like a huge factor. Although some guys also prefer to get married before they go to their first Duty Station so their girlfriend can go with them.

yea if we do get married its going to be after boot camp and AIT, so we can get all the papers and find a house and all that fun and so i can QUIT my stupid job!

Haha. I feel you on the job thing. I'd love to quit mine, but right now my boyfriend is at AIT in Texas and then goes to Kansas for his first Station. He's said he's ready to propose to me, but I'm not ready to be married. Plus, I'd have to move and I am doing my college here.
At least with AIT, if he proposes after boot camp, you can talk to him so he could help you plan the wedding.

how long have you 2 been together?

is there a chat room or do we have to keep sending messages back and forth? Im still learning all this!

A bit over 6 months officially. & We dated 2 months before that.

oh not long!

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