Needs Advice On What Im Feeling

Right now im feeling a little low and need some advice. I have this feeling that with us being apart for 4 months he will Lose feelings for me. I just don't want things to be awkward when he comes back cause I have never had to deal with this. Please help! any advice would be appreciated to get my spirits back up
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I believe he love you. He won't change. Pray for his safety to come back in your life.

I was worried about that too. My boyfriend and I have known each other almost 5 years, but for about 3 of those he was off and on with this girl a lot.
Around march last year they finally broke up and we started dating in the summer. She was a huge part of his life, to me anyway.
I was worried while he was gone that he might change his mind about me. Either just be single or go back to her.
But nope, he didn't waver in his feelings at all. When I saw him, he was insanely sweet and adorable. It was definitely got rid of all my doubts knowing we could make it through that!
Just be there for him, be positive, be you. It's normal to be worried, but you'll realize that there is nothing to actually worry about soon enough :)


I also kinda figured if he didnt have faith or trust he would of ENDED it in the beginning!