Well where can I start? It all started last year when he got deployed. Met him through my cousin and her husband. Which my cousin husband is deployed with my boyfriend. So between talking on Facebook, skype, the phone, and everything else. I sorta fell hard for him. Never met this kid before, but something happened we stopped talking for a while. A few months before he came home, my best friend asked me if I talked to him, and I was like no, then he called right after that. I was shocked. But then I got off of work at like 11p one night, then took a shower got ready and got on the road at 2 that morning, then drove an hour to go meet up with his parents to pick him up. And then when we finally met. It was like we have always knew each other. And I just hate that he had to leave. That boy has turned my world around, there are no other guy that could take his place. Only a few more months!!!
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awee congrats id like some help my bf has been deployedd for 5 months and wont be home for about another 8 months i was wondering if i could give u my number && we could txt i need a lot of support and my friends dont understand