I Heard From Him...

After almost a month (and that weird "we're fine" message), I heard from my soldier! I emailed him because I was feeling down about something. So I told him how I wished he was around to talk to because he was always there for me, even if it was just to listen to me rant n rave. Surprisingly, I got an email asking me what was wrong. I wasnt going to respond, and then I get an IM early this morning. We talked for a little bit before he had to go to the gym.
We got to talking about r&r and i told him he better come see me. His response - "why wouldnt i? ... why would u think differently?"
So, I guess this is good news! Ill tell u this much - I am beyond happy right now. Ive been stressing and wondering and secretly still waiting for my love. Like I told him before, I dont care what he going on in the past. I am the present and hopefully the future. We will get through this.

Im just really happy right now! I am truly and utterly in love with MY soldier. 4 more months and he will be in my arms again
MissingMySoldier80 MissingMySoldier80
26-30, F
Jul 18, 2010