Proud U.s Army Girlfriend

I didnt really seeing myself dating someone who had brown eyes, younger than me and most of all a soldier. Me and my boyfriend David wern't even friends during school. He was in my Chemistry class. I thought he was cute and nice but he was not my type. During my Swim Season when I was a Senior he decided to join the Swim team. He always flirted with other girls. So I didnt think he even liked me. Then one day I was bored and feeling good about my race. So I asked him to take a picture with me. And I took one with him on his phone. The next day I realized it was his profile picture on Facebook. I thought then that he might like me. Then one day at a Swim meet my back was hurting so I told my Coach and he said to ask someone for a back massage. David was known as giving the best massages on our team so I asked him to give me one and he did. He told me that was the day he started liking me. Then one day at Lunch he came to my table he was just talking to me and my friend. Then she was like he likes you. I didn't really like him until I talked to him a few times over facebook. Then our dance came up and I told my friend that I liked him and she told him and the same day he text me and asked me to go with him on Valentines day. We talked everyday. Then a few weeks later he told me that he couldn't go because he had Army Drills that weekend. We had a Swimming Districts which we both did not swim in so we went no the bus to watch. This girl there was flirting with David so much. She made me angry. So I flirted with David and I know everyone could tell we liked each other. Then when it was over we got on the bus. We sat together then we listened to music the whole way home. He had this really cute winter hat and he let only me wear it. When we finally got home. I tried to give it back he told me to keep it. Then I decided to ask him to come over one day and we both love Pumpkin Pie so I made one for the both of us. I was so nervous. This boy made me shake really bad.  We Pumpkin Pie watched Survivor with my mom and dad and they drilled him with a bunch of questions. They finally went to bed. We took some pictures and we were holding each others hands. Then his mom came, I hugged him goodbye and he .....kissed me. I was alittle caught off guard so then he kissed me again.  Then that night he text me and asked me out but he said he would understand if I didn't. But I knew I loved this kid too much to let him slip away from me. Everyone was shocked when they found out we were going out. But they thought we were so cute together. Then months went by and our love for each other was cute and sweet. When it came to June I started to feel like crying all the time. He only had 6 days until he was going to be gone. He left for Army Basic Training in Oklahoma. He left on my Graduation Day. I got to see him off before. I tried so hard not to cry. Then he kissed me goodbye got on that Van and waved to me and I lost it. I felt incomplete, he's my soulmate my everything. I came home and my mom could tell I was so upset. She cried with me. She looked at me and said "Your Graduating be happy." I had to fake a smile the day I Graduated. I watched as all the Boyfriend and Girlfriends hugged and kissed. I was fine after I graduated then the next morning his mom called and said he was actually leaving. We wrote eachother and talked to each other over the phone and now. I only have 12 days until I see him and I'm so anxious. I'm so proud of him and I'm proud of myself that I had the strength to get through it.  He is still amazing and our love hasn't changed for one another, I love that Soldier and I'm glad to say he's all mine :)

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:) thank you. I just think of it as making our relationship stronger. :)