Dogtag :)

So a few weeks ago David called. He asked me if I got anything from him and I said no. He said he sent me something a few days ago. So which I knew I was probably going to get it the next day. He told me there was a gift with the letter and so I used my magic and talked him into telling me what he got me. He gave me a few hints and I realized he got me a dog tag. He told me that there was something ingraved on it and that he wore it all the time. I was so excited. I looked for the mail to come all morning finally it came. His letter was hidden with the others so I started to feel alittle bummed until I saw his letter, I seen that he put purple ductape on the back. It made me laugh to see that. So I hurried up and ripped the letter open and saw the dogtag and it said "Proud Girlfriend of a U.S Army Soldier. I immediately put it on and felt good because I knew it once was around his neck. Then I read his letter I was pretty happy because it was actually 2 pages. I smiled so BIG while I read it ove and over again. Everytime I get al letter I think of how happy he makes me. I seriously love this man :)
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I wear it everyday :)

I love my tags! I got a pair before my love went to iraq! I wear them all the time, and if i dont thier still lying on my pillow :) thats major congrats girl!

That's awesome. I sent Eli a cross necklace, and he's worn it everyday apparently. But let me tell you, dog tags are very important and that's an amazing sign that he gave it to you : )

dogtags are amazing (: i have my boyfriends original pair that he wore all through basic. i wear them everyday and they are laying RIGHT next to my pillow everynight. Everytime you feel or see them, you'll think about him and it'll help you get through the days (: Wear them proudly!