He's Cute

This story is so funny. Its kind of old but....

 I got a card from David. I was so excited. I opened it and it was in Spanish. Which David is Mexican but he doesn't know much Spanish. I opened it and inside he wrote this is how I feel baby. I thought well I don't know what it says so.... So I went and translated it on Google and found out what it said. The next day he called. I told him that I got it translated on Google. He started laughing I said what and he said" babe, you know it says what it means on the back" he laughed so hard. I felt so embarassed and then after he stopped laughing he just said "Your so cute, I love you." then I felt ahole lottt better.

lenzeyanddavid lenzeyanddavid
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Very cute.