I S2 & Miss My Soldier!!

Keeping in short & sweet-

to my bf.. this is the 5th time that we've been away from each other & it just doesn't get any easier for any of us..

Last night when I got to hear your voice for a good two mintues, it was good enough to put me to sleep knowing that you're okay.
then I had a dream.. you were looking at me with your worried eyes, telling me that everything's going to be okay & kissed me...

Little things like that gets me through another hard day without you here, and knowing that you still care really means a lot.

We get to reunite once more before you leave to Afghanistan, I am looking forward to this summer when we get to spend two weeks together.
I hope that these 14 days will give us the strength to keep moving forward..

I will stay strong for you & wait for you as you will do the same for me..

I love you, and always looking forward to seeing you again. 
Take care until then..


your baby.
bebe01 bebe01
22-25, F
Mar 7, 2011