It's Hard

Sometimes it's hard to go through the pain hurt and sadness of our soldier being away and it sucks that we have to wait for a phone call, letter, package etc. But all this pain sadness and hurt that we go through only makes us love more. Think about it, every time we get that phone call, letter or package we have so much happiness and love in our hearts! I know i do! Every time we get to hear his voice all we do is smile and that is what love is all about. Love is feeling the same way about him when he is gone and when he comes back after months or even years. Love is sending out those letters and packages to show him how much you miss him and care. I love my army soldier and I will be there for him through it all because that is what he needs :)
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2011

Thank you for being a great wife or girlfriend. I love every moment, or item i can get from him. i wear his shirts and stuff around the house when he is gone, i write him whenever im thinking of him.nits rough but always worth it. never do I regret getting married to a soldier. think about it, they can never get on our nerves because they are hardly around, they only wear one thing so we get plenty of closet space, and they know how to protect us better than anyone else haha there are cons but the pros top the easy. I would do anything to just hug my husband right now but I cant, so all we can do is wait it out.

I couldn't agree with you more. As painful as this separation is for all of us here at home and all of them overseas it makes us love so much stronger than a lot of people outside of army or other long distance relationships will never know. And it's amazing how those calls when we get to hear their voices or get to see them on our computer screens for a few minutes or however long at a time just manage to make our entire day. I love my army soldier too. :) Hooah!