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Hey Ladies -  I was just reading some of the stories and found that many of you are new to the military life.  I have been married to an Army man for close to 8 years and have been through 3 deployments with him.  If you need any support or advice, or just want to vent about military life, I am here!  Send me a note or ask me questions... we are currently at a "safe" assignment and we really miss the real Army.  My husband is teaching ROTC, for future officers, at a University and there aren't many other military families.  I didn't realize how much I would miss the Army way of life.  It's crazy how it becomes a part of who you are.  For those of you who are missing a loved one, it will get easier, they will be okay, and just realize that you are stronger than most women out there!  It's not an easy way of life, but if you love your soldier, it is worth it!!! 

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im also a newbie. i honestly dont know nothin about the army. Only frm wat my man would tell me...my man is my best friend n only friend dats why its very hard for me rite now cuz i went frm talkin to him 24/7 day n nite to Nothin :( ive been seein alot of you guys know wat i go thru...i got my 1st letter frm my man last wk. it was short but im complainin..i cried cuz i neva new how much one letter could mean so much to me... anywayz i love talkin n kinda need it since i have no friends...idk how to deal wit this n wat to expect in the long run...if any of yu guys can add me on my Fb look for LUPITA VILLANUEVA ZAVALA n tlk i'd love n appricate it :)

I'm a newbie (: my bf left for his basis training after Christmas an lately it been hitting me hard. I'm trying to stay strong

I'm a newbie (: my bf left for his basis training after Christmas an lately it been hitting me hard. I'm trying to stay strong

ive been w my bf since jan 10 his deployment started n march he got to afghanistan n may i moved n w his family bcuz its easier for us i feel the love he has for me n i know i love him so much but my family talks ****, but i want to know ur opinion is itt too early to move n even if hes not here

I'm also available for any questions or if you just want to vent. I've been married to my army man for 18 years now and I've seen and been thru everything....trust me! He retires next year and I'm seriously anxious about that. I'm also an army brat by the way so I was "born" into the military life. I would say that if I added up all the schools, TDY's, wars, field problems, etc.....he's been gone half our marriage. Since 9/11 he deployed 6 times. Been there....done that. Seriously....it's a hard life, no doubt about it...but if you truly love your husband (and kids if you have them)...you'll do whatever it takes.

With him being in the reserves, he will only leave to go to drill one weekend a month, unless the reserves is needed and deploys.

Hi, I am a gf of a marine, even though its only been a year feel already married! and it is hard to not feel lonely, you need support and to fill up the time. I live in hawaii, where we met and he is stationed in Sandiego.<br />
It helps to know there are other women in the same situation, that are staying strong and remaining faithful, as i have heard the statistics are not great.<br />

Iknow I don't know anytghing about being an army wife I don't know what to expect either.

Thats really really sweet of you...I am a REAL newbie, my boyfriend left for basic this past tuesday and I'm going crazy. I know NOTHING about military life and I have no idea what to expect, he's in the army reserves and I don't even really know that the means :( So maybe you could message me and help?

I know what you mean I live in NY and my husband lives in Fort Bliss Texas I miss him so much.

It's people like you who help us newbies through this.<br />
I miss my husband unbelievably much. Some days are easier than others, today was one of those rough days. My situation is a bit unique, I think. He is stationed at Fort Drum, New York. I am a school teacher, therefore i have summers off. I have made the grueling 21 hour drive to visit him 6 times this summer (and would have done it a million more had our finances permitted it). We chose for me to stay here in our hometown, rather than moving to New York with him, for two reasons. One: he will be deployed soon, and doesn't want me living out there without him. Two: I have a wonderful job teaching 3rd grade at the school we met and fell in love at. He wants me to keep this job. It was a tough decision, but I feel like it's the right one for us. <br />
There are days my body physically aches from missing him. I'm terrified of his deployment, but extremely proud of him at the same time.

Im new to the army life, and its already driving me up the wall!! My husband is going to be deployed in june and he said he will probably be there for 15months. I cant imagine how Im going to get thru it. We're due to have our first baby May 14th, and knowing that he's going to miss soo much in our sons first year is really eating at me. He's stationed in Fort Hood, Texas and has block leave that starts May 10th. It would be really nice to have someone to talk to that has a lot of experience with the army and deployment, that was very nice of you to post this and help people out!!

It always helps to have people like you who are willing to be here for us and help support us. It is a very hard thing to watch them walk away. And there are VERY many sleepless night! But never the less I wouldnt change it for the world no matter how many times I whine and cry about it I love my husband and will always be here for him..I may not be able to stand beside him...But no matter the cost..I will always stand behind my man!