My Military Guy

Hi, I'm from the caribbean, I met this US Army guy on a date site yeh I know! We really hit it off, I know where he's from and other things. He is deployed in Iraq. He informed me that he would be going to syria in a few days time, which he did. He said that when I comes back that he would surely try to be there for me, I believe him because he had done things to prove himself to me, which was important to him. That was a month ago! I miss him! Is this a normal thing? Can someone who is familiar with the military life give me some advice on how to deal with this! I really don't want to lose him. Thanks! :)

leah34 leah34
1 Response Sep 21, 2011

Hi. He may not be able to contact anyone while on this "job" . Trust your heart. If he hasn't given you any reason to doubt before the the "deployment" then don't worry. Stay busy and Good Luck to you!