This Is Going to Be the Hardest Year

Well i feel like i am missing a big part of my heart, my boyfriend left for his first deployment and won't be back till January next year.. Right now he is in Kuwait doing a couple more weeks of training and as of right now i get to talk to him almost everyday, but i know that once he goes into iraq to do his actual job that im going to be so worried about him! I just want him to stay safe while being over there. I know that people say we are young and don't think that we are going to be together forever. But we truely believe that we will be together forever, we love eachother so much and if we can make it through this year then we can make it through anything! But i know once he gets into Iraq, im going to drive myself crazy worry about him, but i guess all i can do it keep my head about and think postive! and just wait for this year to be over with and have my solider back here in my arms!

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1 Response Apr 8, 2008

hey i know exactly wat ur going through my husband has been deployed since dec 27th 07 and i am a complete mess right now it comes and goes but i do worry when i dont hear from him he always tells me not to worry because no news is good news but i just get worried that i will get bad news and i dont want to get any if u need to talk in here for ya <br />
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