Nervous Energy!!!!!!

It is Saturday.... and he arrives back Monday night. I am going OUT OF MY MIND with excitement!

I'm up and down with emotions - don't know what to feel! So excited one moment, then nervous that I have everything perfect, nervous that I look the most beautifulist I can and (in those negative moments) sad that I will have to say good bye again after only 2 weeks..... 

We are at the most strongest our relationship has ever been... No doubt this is the man that is going to father my babies haha. And he knows it and just smiles.. i can't wait to have my rock back again... to not feel the pressure of being strong all the time, even if it is just for 2 weeks.... and I have to share?!?!?!? WHAAAAAT!!!! haha. 

I can't wait. i just had to share on here, because I don't want to drain the life of others around me.... as always, bless them, they don't really get it. Got invited to go out tonight, and I said 'no' I want to be fresh for Monday, get everything done I can.... and my friends were like 'OK' - but you can see they think I'm crazy. Love them to bits, and they try to undertsand, but they panic when they are away from their partners for 1 week.... try months honey! Haha, nah I don't dislike them for it, it's just different and I understand. 

Anyways, off to buy his favourite beer, food for his favourite dish, make my house as welcoming as I can (which involves cleaning it :s), buy something sexy, clean my car, pluck my eyebrows, wax my legs (I have enjoyed neglecting them for a while :P) and just make everything perfect! 

I have told him I don't know how I will react, i have done a range of things in the past - depending on the mood and the amount of time he has been away. Generally I have it down to three reactions:

1) Run and jump on him, potentially knocking him over.
2) Stand there a little dumb founded, like a nervous little girl. 
3) Stand there and burst into tears. 

All I do know is the first thing I am going to do is bury my head in his neck, breathe him in and forget the rest of the world exists for a couple minutes. I do believe I have earned that right :)

Anyways, enough blabbering, I have things to do!!! 

Don't know if I mentioned, but I can't wait hehe
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Lol omg i love the reactions you think you could possibly have! I DO THE SAME THING :D ! well i hope things went well between you guys! your story made me laugh and smile. hit me up whenever you like, im currently going through a deployment :)