How I Fell In Love With My Soldier!!

When i grew up I moved around a lot. My dad was a band director and he moved from school to school. In my 10th grade my dad finally found a school he enjoyed teaching at. This is the year I met him. My wonderful husband to be. Tall, musclular, handsome. I fell in love with him as soon as i saw him. He wanted nothing to do with me. Ha. After a few months of me bugging him, he finally decided to give me a chance. We went all through 11th and 12th grade together. Towards the end of our senior year he decided to sign up for the Army. I was heart broken. I just knew that he would go to basic and I would never see him again. I went with him to meps and saw him off. Right before he gets on the plane he handed me the little mini bible that they gave him when he inprocessed. Inside it read, "Hey my love. I am going to miss you so much. Think of me often. I'll see you in September at gradation." That put me on cloud 9!! He still wanted to be with me. Well, all through out basic we would write each other letters. September finally came and the moment i saw him i burst into tears and wanted to just run up and hug him. I couldnt cause they hadnt been released yet. Once he was released i was the first person up there giving him a hug. He went off to AIT after basic. He got to come home for Christmas break. When he came home he was planning on proposing with the ring he bought me in AIT but during AIT someone broke into his locker and stole it. So when he came home his mom gave him her first set for me to wear until we could get a new one. It was new years eve and we were going over to a friends to shoot fireworks and grill out. I was on my way to get the fireworks when he said he was on his way over. So i waited till he got there and we went together. When i parked in the parking lot of the fire work stand he said wait dont get out yet. I looked at him funny and thats when he pulled out his mom's ring. He asked me to marry him the parking lot. Well he went back to finish his AIT. He graduated the end of January. When he came home on his leave before heading to Alaska we got married. I went up to alaska with him and there we lived for 3 years from 2007 to 2010. Since then we have lived in Fort Hood Tx. We have gone through almost 2 deployments. (he comes home very soon). Working on our family when he gets home. :)

Thats my story so far.
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Awww wow, im happy to read a story that has lasted :) thanks for sharing!