To Tell Or Not To Tell

There is a young man who I've known for about six years and I'd say we're fairly good friends. About two years ago i began to care for him more than just a friend would and that feeling has been growing to the point where I'd call him my first young love. Yes, I am young but I'm also old enough and experienced enough to tell the difference between "liking" a person and really caring for them. This young man is probably the most wonderful, inspiring and amazing person I have ever met. He's so different from every other guy out there that he just shines like the sun. I honestly and truly care for him. I, being shy and extremely discreet with my feelings and emotions, have never been able to let him know how i feel. He's in the army and will be leaving for the Middle East within the next month. Now my feelings are stronger than ever, knowing i wont see him again for quite some time. More than anything i want to tell him EVERYTHING but i just don't how he'll respond to that and I don't want my heart to break. But then I think, "Who knows when I'll see him again? What if i never get to tell him how I feel?". Whenever i think of it that way, I know I'll hate myself if I let him go acorss the world thinking I never cared. Yet, I still question if I should reveal all. I just don't what to do.
Nadalee16 Nadalee16
May 17, 2012