It Started In Afghanistan.

Eight months ago I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship & from a small town in Michigan's upper peninsula. I was a single mother with no education & a bad past. I felt like I had no chance of finding the right guy in a town that had shut it's doors on me. I found myself tooling around on the web for dating sites. I had signed up for multiple free profiles & was beginning to feel pitiful. I received a friend request on FaceBook from a guy my age who's profile said he was living in Kandahar. I sent him a message, perplexed as to how I would no any one from Kandahar. He pointed out that he used to live in a town that was a hop skip & a jump from my own. He had moved to Wisconsin a few years back & was now deployed to Afghanistan & had been for the last 5 months. We starrted messaging regularly, I was more so interested by the Army & how he was doing benf so far  from home. He too had just gotten out of a crazy relationship with a woman who had cheated on him just after he left for his deployment. We had many deep cconversations & even started Skyping when he was able to. I fell for this man, hard. After realizing that he probably thought of me as nothing more then a friend, I tried dating a couple guys. He always knew about them & we would dish about my dates & even compare stories once we realized we knew some of the same people. This went on for a few more months. His deployment was nearing it's end & we started talking more & more, I started getting more & more excited. The demobilization process kept pushing his homebound date further & further back, but before I knew it he was back in Wisconsin. As soon as he called me he told me he was in his car driving. He was coming to Michigan to see me! He arrived late on a Wednesday night & we have been completely inseperable ever since. We've had a few snags with his ex, but I am now living with him in Wisconsin & I am loving every second of it. We are goofy together & love being around each other. He loves my daughter & is spectactular with her. Things that never appealed to me (cars) are now things that I love getting interested in with him just to see the look on his face when I know what the piston & crankshaft are. I don't know how things will end up & he's slowly readjusting to life state side, but we're with each other & for now that's enough.
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

such an amazing story thank you for sharing your happiness :)

Awwwwwwwhs!!!!! That is freakin adorable! That's so sweet and so perfect modern day love story. You're story made me smile, and i mean really truly smile. I wish the very best for the both of you!

If you are both happy and he is good to your child what more could there be?? I know we do not know each other but your story made me smile. Thanks for sharing.