"a Soldier Calls Me Baby"

If you want to talk about romance, don't look for skits or movies or tv. It's not real, those are written by people that sometimes have never even experienced true love. You want real romance? Look at the hearts and relationships and stories of all these girls that are patiently and supportingly waiting for their man to ether graduate bootcamp or return from Afghanistan. Why? Because that is the most real and the most passionate of a relationship that you can get. It's a love story written by God. A love story so great and so deep that only people that have someone in the military would understand. Outsiders can only imagine a glimps of what it feels like to love a soldier. What I love most about my army man is that even though he's tough and strong and daring and out there and some guys even fear him and know not to mess with him, that same soldier calls ME his baby and tells me that he loves me. those simple words are what keep me warm all night long and I can't wait to hold him in my arms again.
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This is so sweet, and helped me a lot because my boyfriend just left for basic today. It's really hard now but I know each day apart will make our love stronger. Reading this just made me prouder to be an army girlfriend :)

Oh I'm glad! And yes just hang in there everything is gonna be ok even though it might seem like everything is falling apart sometimes just know that at the end of the day he's anxiously waiting for your letters just to know you still love him. Be strong for you and for him k. You can do this!

My name is Maggie. So if you ever need to talk you can call me or text me at 614 961 0827. Cuz us gf of army guys we need to stick together. I know how you feel my bf call me honey and baby and that he loves me too.

Ok I will text you sweetie

Love it, so true. I NEVER expected to feel this way about my soldier. Everyday I know our love gets stronger. People can't even try to comprehend what it is like to be in this kind of relationship. Movies don't even get close.

Thanks. And yes! So true!

Thats so sweet, but so true.

-AMEN! <3